Thursday, January 11, 2007

Exciting New Ad Formats

I've been intrigued by several new ad formats in the last few days. One, I forget where I saw the article, but I recently read about a large-scale interactive display outside the entrance to a recent conference like CES or Macworld -- see how vague my recollections are? In any event, the display changed based on actions taken by passers by and people standing in front of the display. If you know more about what I'm talking about, please contact me.

Secondly, waterfallvertising. At a recent DoubleClick event, we projected images on the effluvia of a dry ice-driven smoke machine. But streaming water can also be manipulated to form images and text. Pretty neat stuff, particularly if you can set it up in a closed-loop system in which spent water is recirculated for continuous display.

And in today's New York Times, there's a good article about the potential -- and potential hazards -- of digital highway-side billboards.

What newer ad formats and technologies excite you the most?


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