Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ridding the Bedroom of Ads?

Doesn't seem to be a problem we need to have, eh? Adverts encroaching on one of the most sacred spaces of the home? Well, if two articles add up in the direction they indicate, we might soon encounter ads aiming to engage us in our bedclothes and altogether.

In September, the Globe & Mail shed light on an emergent gender war: disagreement over whether people should bring their laptops to bed. Having used my laptop in bed before, I know my answer is no. If you fall asleep with laptop momentarily set aside, all you need is one unaware toss and turn for it to end up on the floor. That's best avoided!

And today, cellular-news reported on some recent research about mobile television. Not only is two thirds of mobile television viewed at home, but many people watch mobile television over breakfast -- or while drifting off to sleep.

Mobile TV in bed makes more sense to me than an affectionate attachment to "lappy," but what this mean for the division of public and private space, commercial and personal activity, and so forth? Televisions have been in the bedroom for decades. Is mobile TV any different?


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